12 Tips for Successful Social Marketing

Want to start marketing on social networks, but don’t know how to do it? Or do you already have a company profile on the networks, but you can’t get new customers? Then this article is just for you. Here’s a step-by-step guide to building successful social media marketing.

1. Before you begin: embed social media marketing in your overall strategy

Social networks can bring you a lot of new customers and sales, but definitely the whole marketing should not be based only on them. Social media marketing must fit into the overall marketing strategy of your company: What do you want to achieve? Who is your target group? Which marketing channels do you use to meet your goals? How can you connect them? You will only be successful on social networks if you run them in accordance with your marketing strategy.

2. Define your target audience

Knowing your target audience is important in all forms of marketing – but in social media marketing in particular. It’s not enough to target the right audience, but you also have to adapt the tone of communication, the graphic design or, for example, the time of publishing the contributions. And how do you figure out who your target is? If you have been managing the profile for some time, you will find all the data in the profile manager.

tip: Do you want to get the most out of the knowledge of your target audience? Install Facebook pixel.

3. Choose the right network

The previous two steps – clarifying the strategy and determining the goal – will tell you which social network makes sense to invest in. It is also worth knowing how each network works. Let’s imagine them gradually.


Thanks to Facebook, you have the opportunity to reach the widest audience . In addition, this user base is very diverse – on Facebook you will find people of all ages, genders, professions and interests. That’s why most companies start with Facebook. If you have an ecommerce website, Facebook is an ideal way to improve communication with customers.


You will generally find a slightly younger audience on Instagram than on Facebook – 60% of Instagram users are under 30 years old. Compared to Facebook, Instagram is also used a little less for communication and a little more for sharing visual content. Instagram is the right place to share photos of your products.


Few companies work with YouTube, but in some cases it’s a shame. Try to think: Would it be possible to show your products in a video in any way? For example, can you add a video review or instructions for your product?


Linkedin is primarily a professional portal – you will reap the greatest success on it if you operate in the B2B industry. Using LinkedIn pays off when looking for new employees.


4. Create posts that work

Create posts that engage. How? When writing lyrics, don’t think about what you want to tell users, but rather think about what they want to hear. Why are they tracking your business on networks? What problem will you help them solve? When you reverse thinking in this way, it will go by itself.

Case study: Imagine you are selling lawn mowers and want to make a post about a new mower in your e-shop. With the text Buy our new mower you will not be interested in many customers. On the other hand, the text conjure up the perfect lawn will offer customers something they want, and the number of clicks will be much higher.

If you are unsure, use a professional copywriter.

5. Increase the reach of your contributions

Due to the huge number of users on social networks, there are strict algorithms that determine who will see the post. To increase your reach on the networks, you must constantly strive to spark discussion and engage fans – you need to get likes, comments and shares.

Practical example: Do you own an e-shop with clothes? Hold a poll: Which dress do you like more? People will be involved in the comments and the impact of the contribution will increase significantly.

6. Create a Facebook group

There are many reasons to use Facebook groups. We will tell you how to use the Facebook group to increase the reach. You probably know that posts created by corporate profiles algorithm on Facebook show only a minimal number of people. But that doesn’t work for Facebook groups. These algorithm puts you on the same level with contributions from friends and family. If the nature of your goods allows it, create a Facebook group and invite your customers to it.

Tip: Don’t know how to get customers to join a group? For example, you can reward them by posting content in a group that is only available to group members. Do you sell spices? You can share recipes, for example, in a group. You can also motivate customers with a special offer only for group members: for example, a voucher with a 10% discount.

7. Gain new fans with paid contributions

Social networks have the advantage that you don’t have to invest much in them. As we mentioned in the previous point, the algorithm is usually very strict. In order to show your contribution to more people, you usually need to support it financially. Try to gradually support the contributions with different amounts and you will see what you will reap the most success with.

Tip: Don’t know how much to invest? There is no universal rule for this. If you don’t know how much to start with, try USD 10 per post.

8. Use PPC advertising

PPC advertising is advantageous because you only pay for it when customers click on it. A great way to use it to promote goods is through retargeting. Users will see your ad on exactly the products they have viewed on your site.

9. Make the most of your targeting options

Targeting settings don’t end with age and interests. Often neglected, but very effective, is, for example, targeting by relationships and life events. What can you imagine under that? For example, if you sell jewelry, you can target close friends of women who have birthdays next month. You can also focus on the upcoming anniversary, the birth of a child and the like.

Tip: Sit down with Ad Manager and read carefully all the targeting options it offers. Then brainstorm and try to write down on paper what targeting options you can think of in relation to your products.

10. Be consistent on Instagram

You can add photos on Instagram in two basic formats: feed or stories. A feed is a page that users see when they look at your profile – they see the first 9 posts, and from those they create an impression of the entire profile. The key to success on the feed is consistency – how you achieve it is up to you. You can apply the same filter to all photos, focus on specific colors, or alternate different types of posts (for example, alternating photos with a product and photos without a product, or light and dark photos).

11. Use Instagram Stories

Is your company on Instagram? Then don’t forget the stories – over 500 million people around the world watch them every day. Stories offers a lot of interactive elements that engage customers. Add surveys, quizzes or time deductions.

tip: Try different formats of stories – ordinary photos, videos, gifs, boomerangs, a combination of text and graphics… Stories offers a plethora of options, so use them and discover what works best for your customers.

12. Take into account all stages of the decision-making process

When creating posts, keep in mind that different customers are in different parts of the decision-making process. Sure, you can only focus on some of them. But it would be a shame to miss the others, don’t you think? You should focus on three basic customer groups. Which are they?

  • The first group are customers who do not need your product yet and are therefore not ready to buy it. But you can think ahead – build awareness of your brand, and when these customers find out they need the product, it will be you who they remember.
  • Another group are customers who want to buy the product, but do not yet know who. Convince them that your goods are the best – at this stage, customers will appreciate, for example, a video review of your product.
  • The third group that you should not underestimate are customers who have already made a purchase. Crediting your account doesn’t end there – customer care is just as important as getting new ones. Try to think about what contributions these customers might appreciate. You can, for example, shoot instructions for them on how to use the product as efficiently as possible.



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