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4 False Myths About Website Promotion

You can learn many interesting things on the Internet.

However, the information you receive is not always true.

When it comes to online promotion, there is a lot of information that is completely and utterly untrue.

In this article, we will look at 4 statements that many people think are true. But the truth is somewhere else entirely.

1. Create a website for your business and customers will come

Many people think they have to have a website nowadays. They think that when they create them, they have fulfilled their obligation and customers will find them on the Internet themselves.


Unfortunately, this is not really true. Maybe once there were only a few websites in each industry and people had only a limited choice.

Today, the reality is different.

In each field, for each phrase that a person enters into a search, results appear (at least) in the thousands.

So it’s really not enough to create a website.

If you want to bring in new customers through your website, you will need more than just creating a nice website.

Because after you create your website, only someone who knows your url will find it. If you want new customers to find out about you on the Internet, you have more to do than just create a website.

You also need to do a little bit of internet marketing to get someone to know about your website and visit it.

2. Creating a website is a one-time process

Do you think you will spend a week designing your website, then get someone to create one for you and you’re done?


Websites need to be dedicated to helping you, to promote you, and to bring in new customers.

Visitors need to see life. They need up-to-date information.

They don’t care about your site, which you created two years ago. They are not interested in information that is a year old and that is no longer even valid.

If you have already created a website, pay attention to it. Post current events. News and offers. Let your visitors know you’re working.

3. The most important thing is to be in the first place in search results

Do you think that the only and most important goal of your website is to get to the top position on the search results page?


Although being in the top positions in search results is a real benefit, your focus should not be on that goal alone.

Search engine optimization is still a technical matter.

If you start focusing solely on how you and your site are ranked by the search engine algorithm, you’ll start to move away from your visitors.

I’ve seen a lot of websites that were tailored only to search engines. They contained so many keywords and phrases that they no longer made sense to the living visitor.

Keep one in mind:

Search engines and their algorithms are here mainly from getting as close as possible to people – live visitors.

They are here to provide people with the most relevant search results based on their query.

So your website must be created first for your live visitors.  So:

  • Your visitors must feel comfortable with them.
  • They must be able to easily and quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Websites must allow them natural and intuitive control and movement.
  • Visitors there must find useful information, not just a clutter of keywords.

If you focus only on search engines, even though you may be able to place yourself in the top positions, visitors will close and leave your website.

And he won’t come back.

4. The most important page of your website is the homepage

Many people are convinced that they must pay the greatest effort and attention to their homepage.

This is the page that will be seen by all visitors who come to your site, isn’t it?


If a user enters a query into a search, the search engine will offer him search results based on its database of indexed pages.

It will offer him the pages that he thinks are most appropriate for the query you entered.

However, your site is not represented by your homepage. For example, if a user is looking for a product that you offer on your site, the search engine will most likely offer the product page.

So the visitor will not even see your home page and will already be somewhere in the deeper structure of your website.

Keep this in mind and try to customize your website.

  • It is best to place the information you want to share with each visitor to your website in a sidebar so that it is visible on any subpage of your site.
  • It is inappropriate to have some pages available only from the homepage. A good solution is smart navigation that allows visitors to get anywhere from any website. Or at least a signpost.
  • An eye-catching design should also be throughout your site. Don’t just have a decorated homepage. The visitor must feel comfortable no matter where they are on your site.


Other widespread false myths?

Have you come across any myth about internet promotion? Share it in the comments.

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