6 Rules for Successful Marketing on Social Networks

Some people think that social networks are something like a magic wand that is enough to have and everything will turn out well, while others are convinced that the usefulness of social networks is debatable and questionable.

In 2020, Nielsen Media Research conducted a survey that showed that 70% of shoppers would comment on the published opinion of someone who had previously purchased the product.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Other studies have shown that 2/3 of the conversations (yes correctly – 2/3!) That take place on social networks relate to a product or service. So there is no doubt that social networks can help your business.

In today’s article, we will look at 6 rules of successful marketing on social networks.

Rule 1 – Choose the social network that your target customers use


Everyone is more comfortable with something different. Some like to spend time on Facebook, Instagram, others prefer to use Twitter or Google Plus and some completely different.

One of the most important tasks is to choose the right social network.

Everything else can be perfect, but if your potential customers are not on the social network, it will be a waste of time and money.

Rule 2 – Make a good first impression


You are on a social network where your potential customers are – great. What now? You need to start building a fan base (or as the social platform calls them).

Now you need to get visitors to your site and convince them that it’s worth becoming a fan.

Newcomers should therefore see that, as fans, they will gain access to information they will not find anywhere else and that they will be regularly informed about what they are really interested in.

The site should also be complemented by a suitable design, which will be both attractive and will correspond to the design of your website, stores and the like.

The first impression is very important, if you do not get a visitor immediately, you probably will not have another opportunity.

Rule 3 – Highlight your competitive advantage


Why should I shop with you and not with a competitor?

This is a crucial question that will subconsciously appear in the mind of every potential customer. Your task is to be able to answer this unspoken question as soon as possible.

Show customers that you are better than your competition and most importantly tell them what.

If you can add any comments from your satisfied customers, do so!

Rule 4 – Everything revolves around your customers


Your target customer is the center of the action.

So if you are talking to your target customers, you need to keep in mind their:

  • needs
  • worry
  • desires
  • priorities

You tighten some customers to lower prices, while another customer doesn’t care (in a way) if they spend $ 10 or $ 100 on you. It is important for him to be satisfied with the product / service.

According to the preferences of your target customers, focus on the benefits that the customer will gain from the purchase. As I have already mentioned several times, the author of which I did not remember – the customer is not interested in the drill, but in the hole he needs to make;).

So focus on the goal that the customer will achieve. The features of the product or service themselves may be available either on a separate page or below.


Rule  5 – Build trust and maintain quality relationships with customers and partners

Building trust with your fans is also very important. This is not an advertisement that a customer has to watch in the middle of a movie, whether he wants to or not. Only the customer who wants to and who will see some meaning in it will be watching you.

If you overwhelm your customers with just advertising messages, just one click of the mouse button and the customer has peace of mind for you.

Try to create a community of customers by offering them valuable information, instructions, advice, creating interesting discussions and the like through a social network.

Inform fans about news and attractions in the field, feel free to from other websites. Link to blogs, magazines and the like. Your fans will be watching you because you bring them interesting information from places they don’t get to or don’t know about.

Rule  6 – Keep your interest and enthusiasm

Never let interest “die”.

Keep up-to-date discussions, bring new information, and ask members of your group or your fans. Ask them for feedback on what they don’t like, how you can make things better for them…

Stay informed about upcoming new products, improvements and constantly excite your fans.

Communicate / write on social networks regularly, even several times a day. It pays more often, the better. However, on the other hand, I do not recommend writing more than 3 posts a day, after which it could be uncomfortable for your fans and they could start leaving you.


On social networks, more than anywhere else, you need to know your customer. Each of us who moves on some social networks knows how it works there. Whenever I sign up, I have to go through a huge number of posts “how I took the bus today” or “I have a fly in the tea, damn it” and there are only a few treasures among them that will really give me something.

If you want people to read your posts, your post must deviate from that pile of “clutter.” Use interesting images and eye-catching headlines and texts – I recommend reading the complete Copywriting guide.

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