Advertising Banners – how to use them?

Do you want to advertise on the Internet and would you like to place your attractive banner on a foreign website?

Want to reach the community and visitors of a relevant site?

But at the same time, have you heard about various modifications to search engine algorithms that invalidate similar backlinks or even penalize the destination site?

And what about banner blindness? Does it make any sense to pay for banners nowadays?

We will clarify everything in today’s article…

It’s been some Friday that Petr Jeník wrote a great article on his website about the effective use of advertising space on the website.

However, Petr writes from the position of an advertising seller (albeit with a fair regard for the advertiser). We address the same issues on this site, but from the opposite angle. So let’s try to look at the banner ad as an advertiser.

Banner from an SEO perspective

Google Panda put down a low-quality website, and Penguin devalued poor-quality backlinks, undermining many websites. From this we can conclude that in terms of backlink quality, smaller, not very content-filled websites will not bring us much in terms of SEO.

But that’s not a disaster, if you build your backlinks honestly and have a diverse content profile, you don’t have to worry about being handicapped by a backlink of poor quality here and there. So you can fully focus on whether such a banner will bring you what you really need from it:


If you want the investment you pay for the banner (and you will pay recursively) to pay off, you need to look more at the community, traffic and relevance of the site than at the technical side. Who visits the website has a devastating effect on the success of your banner ad.

If the site is visited by people who are inherently unwilling to spend money in the area, your investment will hardly return.

You need a community of people who are your potential customers and who could buy from you.

If visitors come from such sites with a high conversion rate, such an ad is much more beneficial to you than an ad that brings you tens of thousands of people but no one buys anything.

Banner from the visitor’s point of view

People have developed banner blindness over the years. On most websites, banners are almost everywhere and they try to attract the visitor with colors, an incredible offer, flashing and the like.

So natural evolution has meant that we basically don’t even notice banners anymore – we ignore them.

If you want to attract the visitor, think about the banner when creating it.

Take a close look at the destination website and try to create a banner so that it fits perfectly into the website and is tailored to the users of the website.

Instead of a banner with eye-catching colors and the text “Cheapest custom web design”, use a banner that fits into the target web environment and use “Download a free e-book on what a well-designed website should look like”. The click-through rate will be much higher and most importantly, people will cultivate recognition for your work, according to the e-book they will know that you understand your issue and therefore prefer to order a website from you (if they need it).

Banner from (your) advertiser’s point of view

If you have a successful banner on the web, watch the extent to which it brings you the desired fruit. Don’t just look at traffic, but watch to see if your banner increases sales and if you gain new customers.

It is good to “attract” newcomers. Get an e-mail address from them and establish communication. Build a relationship, build trust, build respect and authority. It doesn’t matter if you’re not ready to shop right away. This does not mean that they will not buy from you in the future.

Banner from the perspective of the seller of advertising space

Every right seller of advertising should care about their advertisers. If its advertisers are satisfied, they will not be short of filled advertising space. As the site grows and improves, the advertiser will be happy to increase the price of the ad over time if its profits increase as a result of the ad.

Simply put – it’s in the best interest of an ad seller to make your ad functional and effective on their site. So if you meet someone who is unwilling to communicate with you, is not interested in having your ad fit into the site properly and brings you visitors, it may be better to look elsewhere.

How do you choose the placement of paid advertising banners? Share your experience in comments.

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