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Algorithm is a term used mainly in programming. We are talking about a complex computer program that Internet search engines use to obtain data and subsequently provide results for search queries. Today, search engines use a variety of algorithms to help them determine the relevance of a site to search phrases. The results are then found in the SERP.

The search algorithm is thus an indispensable helper and imaginary right hand of search engines. Given how much information is on a website and how many websites actually exist, it would be completely impossible to identify a few relevant and adequate sites for a search query, which are then grouped into search results. With the help of algorithms, useful results are provided in a few fractions of a second.

Evaluation systems also consist of a series of algorithms

A huge number of these helpers are part of the search engine evaluation systems. They evaluate several factors, including site usefulness, resource expertise, or location. Within SEO, it is important to focus on those factors and not underestimate them. The algorithms have been designed to bring readers the best of the web. And the factors mentioned will help him determine that your website is one of the best.

The main factors that play a role

By the factors mentioned, we mean, for example, keywords. In order for a webpage to appear at the top of search results for a search query, keywords that are tastefully embedded in the text are needed. In order to use the right keywords, you need to perform a keyword analysis. Its task is to find popular keywords, which are then significantly appreciated by topicality algorithms.

Algorithms also assess the usefulness of the site, so it is important to focus on quality and reader-friendly content. The search algorithm is designed to find the best information available on the Internet.

Google Algorithm

In the global world wide web environment, the most important thing is to know how the Google algorithm probably works, because we want to know what people are looking for, how they are searching and how Google approaches these searches and how they rank the results. The average user does not know about any changes (updates) to the algorithm, but every SEO specialist must have an overview of when Google has issued some modification of the algorithm and because Google does not provide details and cannot. The number of variables in the algorithm is thousands, each variable has a different weight and mainly the algorithm is still learning. An example is the new algorithm, which has been named BERT by Google and has affected more than 10% of all queries. Without an abbreviation, it is Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This is a change from 2019, and since then it would be possible to publish dozens of pages of what it probably influenced and to what extent these changes need to be taken into account in SEO. What were the last Google Core Update January, May and December 2020 is therefore a lot of talk. Witnesses certainly know the changes of the Penguin algorithm or the famous Panda.

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