Building backlinks

What are the options for getting backlinks:

  • buy
  • exchange
  • in a natural way
  • registration in catalogs
  • using PR – articles
  • participation in forums and discussions
  • on their own satellite sites
  • publishing on a blog
  • creating attractive content
  • publishing in bookmarking systems
  • black practices (spam, viruses, etc.)

The best way is to get backlinks in a natural way, which means creating such a high-quality project that users will link to themselves. In general, the more pages on your site that link to, the better, over time, less ranked pages can gain in value, making the link more valuable.

When linking to your site, don’t just refer to the name of the site or company, always try to get keywords in the link text. The more related the topic of the referring pages, the better. Do not point only to the main page, but also to others where the focus is most appropriate. Each page is important and unique, has its advantages and is just as important as the main one.

Google bombs

This is the term when the referring site places a backlink to the term of the website, which has nothing to do with the term (eg when entering the word podrazák finds a page search engine about John McAfee, where the word does not occur at all).

Purchase links

We calculate the link price (LP) by multiplying several quantities (CL = V x pCTR x PPC)

  1. Attendance
    (V) – we find out from statistics (google analytics etc.)
  2. Expected CTR
    (pSTR) – is determined by experience, depends on the relationship to the topic and the location of this link (highlighting, etc.)
  3. Cost-per-click
    (PPC) – adwords, and we’ll try to run a campaign and our key links to tell you how cost-per-click a keyword is competing with.


In general, clickthrough rates for clicks or eTargets (CTRs) can be classified as follows:

0.3 – 1% sufficient

1 – 3% good

3 – 6% commendable

6 and more% excellent

Google AdWords often has 2-3 times higher clickthrough rates, especially for long tail links.

Link exchange

A large number of pages with links that lead to your site is a guarantee of high ranking of your site in search engines. A number representing the number of links is the most important parameter for search engines.

In addition to registering in the catalog, a simple exchange of links is the easiest way to obtain backlinks, but also the oldest way (when icons measuring 88 × 31 points were exchanged).

From an SEO point of view, it is not important how much traffic the referring site is, just getting a backlink.

There are two ways to get the most out of link exchanges:
  1. create a special page on your site, such as “links, favorites, partner sites, we recommend, etc.”
  2. For example, placing the exchanged link in the footer or header of your site. The advantage is that they appear on everyone, ie often on the main page, which usually has a higher rank, the disadvantage is that you can not place too many. On the other hand, more links mean that we pass on less PR, so links in footers and page headers are therefore more interesting from an SEO point of view than links on a separate page.

How to find out which pages link to your site:

by entering into the search engine “link:” (for google)

How to use catalogs appropriately:

  • have a link in the catalog of at least the main players in the field of the Internet
  • fill in the page description when registering in the catalog
  • use the link to the website of your suppliers or business partners, it is enough if the supplier links to your company in the References section for the exchange of a small service or again a 1: 1 exchange.
Keep a few basic rules in mind when creating text in a catalog:
  • the headline should include keywords and links
  • the text is usually short (250 characters) and preferably also with a few keywords
  • if the catalog allows it, list the links to individual sections with extra titles
  • make a note of the passwords and links you are looking at when browsing – many catalogs allow for subsequent editing
  • create a special e-mail address to enter the link, on the one hand you will need it for the registration itself, where the link will be confirmed before inclusion and administrators will prevent automatic browsing by various robots and you will avoid flooding your main e-mail box.

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