Competition among ecommerce websites is growing, how to succeed?

In the second half of August 2021, there are more new ecommerce websites  than in any other period. To a certain extent, this is the reason why many closed stone shops. They have no other way to reach customers than online, ie “catch them on the Internet”. Thanks to a government decree, all establishments and shops are closed. Coronavirus literally affected us all. The ordered quarantine may be prolonged and people’s behavior will undoubtedly change even after the regulation is released, as there will be not only “fear” but also a lack of money due to the slow economy and global influences around the world and the most important export / import countries.

So how do you succeed on the internet?

Restaurants are improving their websites to deliver food. Gyms sell vouchers at discounts. Stores have moved to e-shops. But what does that mean? Those restaurants, gyms, companies and ecommerce websites that will not be traceable on the Internet do not have a chance to succeed or at least do not use the potential that is offered on the Internet. Existence on the Internet alone is not enough. One way to make yourself visible is to optimize your website (SEO).

How exactly can website optimization help?

By optimizing your website, you will be visible in natural search. When someone enters “London restaurant” or “sushi delivery London” or “London gym” or “cashew nuts” or “bathroom faucets” or “children’s toys” into the search engine, then what will appear? After all, those sites that are better optimized than others. The optimization process is neither simple nor fast. You need to literally convince Google that your site is better than a dozen others and deserves a better place in search. SEO specialists focus on website optimization.

How can an SEO specialist help me?

The SEO specialist will perform a comprehensive analysis, find out what the possibilities of optimization are and design a strategy. It will then regularly use website optimization tools and techniques to make the site more searchable, in better keyword positions, increase traffic and drive sales. One such freelance SEO specialist is me.

Times are not bad, but full of opportunities

It is necessary to approach positively and at the same time objectively. Determine what you can offer, what to focus on and what resources to use. Internet marketing is very complex and website optimization is one way to increase the likelihood of success. The time is now full of opportunities, because there are many people who give up, waiting for what will happen and literally burying their business. But everyone has a choice, to do something. You can also run a business from home, you need to find the right tools, change processes and approach. Even for a person like me who optimizes websites, the crisis has been touched and means even more work, responsibilities, a partial change in the client portfolio, a decrease in the number of orders and a change in the approach to process management.

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