Do you know when it is best to share posts on social networks?

We live in the world of the Internet, in the world of social networks. We spend a really huge amount of time on social networks – on average, we spend three to four hours a day on social networks, which is incredibly much. Because we are always online, constantly on social networks, this is a great place to advertise. Usually we no longer notice posters or billboards, because we are constantly looking at the mobile phone. It is therefore necessary for advertising to move to social networks if it is to be effective, high-quality and successful. However, the question is, when is it best to share posts on social networks?

If you decide to share an ad or other post, or if you choose to share an article on your site, for example, you should know when it’s best to share that post to reach as many people as possible. Even though we are still online, we are not on the Internet all the time – we work, we are at school, we sleep.

So let’s take a look at the current analyzes and surveys that deal with this topic, and find out when it is best to share posts on social networks.

When to share content on Facebook?

If you want to share your posts on the most popular social network ever, you should know when it’s best to publish them. After all, there are times when people are only on chat, not on Facebook. Mostly people view the Facebook wall on the way to or from work, during work or in public transport.

One of the best times to share posts is to share posts between one and three in the afternoon, when people usually end up at school or work. As for the specific day when it is best to publish posts, that day is Wednesday. Because people are annoyed that it’s only half a week, during lunch breaks or in the morning before their superiors come to work, they spend their time working on a mobile phone. According to current analyzes, the number of “likes” on Wednesdays at these times is eighteen percent higher compared to other days and other times.

When is it not worth sharing content on Facebook?

It is not worth sharing contributions from eight in the evening to eight in the morning. This is a general lesson, but times change. In fact, you can share content at any time if you expect your audience to be “online” at that time.

When to advertise on Facebook?

The question of promotion on Facebook is very general, because there is no universal answer. Advertising on Facebook is about testing and long-term promotion, not an effective hour of promotion. Here I would rather ask if it makes sense to advertise on the weekend and how much in January and how much in July and everything is individual, you need to take a drop of common sense, ideally your experience and mix the individual campaigns as you see best and gradually adapt the promotion to the results achieved.

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