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I have been working on WordPress and website improvement for years. Of course, it is not enough to deal only with WordPress for the success of the website, it is also necessary to learn other things.

Many people are involved in marketing and promotion. I can’t do that. I don’t like it very much and I didn’t even get any extra results when I tried it. But what started to amuse me is improving the website from a technical point of view and monitoring the impact of these adjustments. I found a hobby in technical SEO and activities that belong to it. E.g. structured data, extending snippets, I catch 40x and 50x bugs on the web and fix them.

To do this, I use the SEO Power Suite package, which contains four components (installed on a computer):

  • Website Auditor – performs a technical audit of the website, finds various errors,
  • Rank Tracker – tracks and searches for phrases on which your website “ranks”, ie. is placed in search results,
  • SEO Spyglass – a tool that combines the key functions of the previous ones and helps to fine-tune individual pages,
  • LinkAssistant – Manages the agenda around link building and the web link profile.


Technical inspection of the website

Currently, I mostly use Website Auditor, which crawls the web and finds all the inconsistencies that can usually be fixed, typically:

  • bad links
  • invalid / not found images
  • pages too large
  • chained redirection
  • http vs https issues


Your content on the Internet

Then Rank Tracker, with which I can find out how search engines react to my content (all programs support not only Google, but also other search engines such as Bing, Yandex and many others + also mobile indexing) and tune the quality of content and form accordingly. Various tools for generating and searching for different phrases help to do this – not only work with the list from Google Ads, the authors stick to current trends, so a lot of space is given to TF-IDF and various more original approaches to get a great result.

Website profile and comparison with the competition

I sometimes use SEO Spyglass to create and update a website profile. It can use the data to compare with the competition, it shows

  • how which website ranks on a given phrase,
  • lists the domains from which traffic comes via links,
  • displays the most frequent link texts, linked pages,
  • identifies the risk of penalties,
  • displays data in a historical view.

This application provides reports that can be considered quite concise – so you can track the development of multiple sites, which is more difficult with previous tools, because they contain a really large amount of information. (For example, the Website Auditor data file for a medium-sized site is 1.4 GB.)

Creating partnerships

I use LinkAssistant the least, because I didn’t work on the planned creation of link building strategies. I tried to understand how to work with it, and it makes sense to me. It is to some extent a communication client in which you keep an agenda around articles on the web, links and partners with whom you negotiate linking.

Pretty good software

All programs can be connected to Google Search Console, Analytics and other applications (eg Moz). Data from these services are thus included in the resulting analyzes and help to refine the results. Data files can be large and crawling sites can take hours, depending on the size and details of the “collection”. The servers of the company that makes the programs are used to speed up and facilitate data collection, so that the Google API is not overloaded (the servers are quickly synchronized). In fact, they make a copy of the databases. Even so, one comes across identity verification or inserting a captcha. This can be removed in a higher version of the program.

More could be written about it; I have been using programs for several years and I have learned something. But you need to spend some time and understand how it all works. At present, it is an indispensable helper for me in analyzing websites and proposing improvements. If you want to improve your SEO and ensure that your sites are found, this tool will help you greatly.

You can download the software for a trial, you can buy a license later, which I recommend. At the same time, I also recommend that you do not unsubscribe from the newsletter, which will start coming to you, it is really current and beneficial know-how. These are instructions that are completely practical and specific, no empty words. I learned to control the program thanks to them and I’m still improving like this.

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