How to create a web page in WordPress

Do you need your own website for your personal or business presentation and do not want to pay big money to web designers? One possible way is to prepare the site yourself. Maybe you’re scared now and you feel like you can’t do it. Do not worry. The procedure is very simple.

Easily insert text and images

To create a website, you need an open content management system that allows you to put together graphic and textual elements. A proven and popular system is WordPress. Suppose you have an open WordPress screen in front of you. On the left is the menu. Click the page item and then Create Page. A menu for creating a page will open in front of you. In the box under Create a new page, type its name. Then you can insert and edit text in the large window, insert images including captions. It is also possible to insert video or music.

Everything is done using the icons in the top bar. These icons are similar to those you know well from the Word text editor in which you normally write documents. For example, bold, italics, centered, and more.

Appearance adjustment and publishing

You can customize the look of the page. On the left side of the screen you will find the Page Template drop-down menu, where you can set different page layout, for example Sidebar Template is a page with a sidebar. Once you have inserted all the text and image or multimedia elements, you must save the page – you will find this option in the right corner of the WordPress screen. The first option is to save as a Draft, when you save it, but it does not yet appear on the web. Alternatively, you can give Publish. Here you can set up immediate publishing, when the page appears on the website immediately, or publication on a specific day and time. You can preview before you publish – you’ll see exactly what your page will look like.

WordPress is also suitable for micro sites

If you have reached the stage that you already have a sufficiently tuned company website or sales e-shop, then you can try to create a self-help, for example a supporting micro page. These pages are usually simple, sometimes as a one page, where all the information is on the home page and it is possible to target a specific type of service, product or topic that is aimed at 1 – 2 keywords.

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