How to make a company visible on the Internet from the point of view of an SEO specialist

COVID time has taught many companies to think about how to make their company visible. Branches are often closed, people are careful and do not want to meet business people in person. Conferences are not held, the possibilities of offline sales are very limited. The seriousness of the situation and the needs of the company are therefore focused on the online environment, but they do not yet know how to start, how to make themselves visible to exactly the target group that I need and at a reasonable cost. Many companies I have helped in this digital age thanks to my 10 years of experience, I will tell you gradually.

How to begin?

It depends on whether you are an engineering company, hairdresser, real estate broker, restaurant or maybe an e-shop for home accessories. There is a difference in marketing strategy, because each company or type of e-shop needs to use a different marketing channel with different intensity, so that marketing is really effective and not advertising. As an SEO specialist, I am in the middle of all digital marketing, I am in charge of search engine optimization and I work with colleagues who focus on social media marketing, e-mail marketing, PPC advertising campaigns, as well as PR, content agencies and magazine editors. or influencers. My advice is to have fun with a specialist and discuss your ideas and not to recommend a suitable strategy before you start work.

What are the most common visibility options on the Internet?
  • SEO (search engine optimization) – website optimization for search engines and content marketing
  • PPC (pay per click) – creation of advertising campaigns, most often on
  • SEM (social media marketing) – marketing on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram
  • E-mail marketing – sending a commercial message to a selected group of recipients

Why are these 4 types of promotion the most common in the digital environment? I will try to answer each question step by step.

1. SEO – search engine optimization

SEO is important because by optimizing a website for search engines you will be at the forefront of search. The company will thus be visible in a place where people are looking for questions and it is good to answer your website with a relevant result as a relevant result. You don’t force yourself on anyone, you will simply and naturally be in sight. You can’t pay for this position with Google, but the SEO specialist must try to make your website as good as possible in the eyes of the search engine and evaluate that it is a better result than many others.

Benefits of SEO:

  • you do not pay for each visitor
  • you will get long-term results
  • you act as a natural authority on the Internet, without advertising
2. PPC – creation of advertising campaigns

PPC is a form of promotion again in search and partner sites, where you need to set up an advertising campaign so that you then pay for each click (Pay Per Click) for someone to click on your ad. As in SEO, PPC focuses mainly on Google and List search results. It is the type of result that is in the top positions and who clicks on the ad, so depending on the settings you pay a certain amount directly to Google , for example 10 cents or 50 cents, etc. SEO and PPC is a good combination of services because you literally occupy the search engine space . If someone needs a service, product or information, they are looking for it and this is an opportunity to find your presentation.

Advantages of PPC advertising:

  • the budget is determined by the advertiser
  • precise targeting of potential customers
  • you can edit the strategy and the changes will take effect immediately
  • the results are immediately and easily measured
3. SEM – social network marketing

The most frequently used marketing is on the social network Facebook. People spend an incredible amount of time here. This is not a place where people would like to buy or find something, but thanks to the very accurate identification of each user, Facebook has a tool to offer companies targeting ads exactly to a specific city, region or area, but also to a specific age of the user 24 – 45 years, only men or women or specific interests. You pay more or less for an ad, so it’s important to find the type of effective ad and choose the right audience – that’s the key to success. Marketing on social networks is not ideal for everyone, because there are unattractive fields of services or products that are not very suitable here, but some more than others, and this marketing channel is becoming number one.

4. Email marketing

It’s often your turn to have a few hundred or a thousand contacts that you want to reach with your message. This type of direct marketing is very effective, despite the fact that people are literally flooded with spam or commercial communications. It is most often used in e-shops when they want to inform their customers about new discounts or point out a type of product that could be interesting.

How to mix it all to be effective?

For some companies, SEO will be 22%, PPC 30%, SMM 40% and emailing 8%, but for some the ratio will be quite the opposite. It all depends on the budget, expectations and results, so that the spending of funds gets ideally on the type of promotion that will move your company as much as possible.

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