How to optimize content on your website?

We often hear content is king everywhere.

The content of your website is the main reason why your visitors visit it.

You can have perfectly optimized websites in any way, but if you don’t have anything on them that would interest your visitors, they will hardly visit them.

Let’s look at what the content of your website should look like in order to be as successful as possible.

Content must be created to the target visitors

Everything revolves around your target customers.

Only you know best what your visitors and potential customers need the most.

  • What do they need help with?
  • What is their problem?
  • What are they worried about?
  • What will make them happy?

When writing the content of your website, focus on what your target customer is looking for and what information they are interested in.

What form of information transfer is most suitable for your target customers?
Do your visitors prefer written text, video presentations or audio programs?

For example, if your target customers are entrepreneurs who don’t always know where to jump first, they’ll be grateful if you serve them audio in audio that they can listen to while driving, exercising, or anywhere else.

If the content is of a more demanding caliber, such as expertise and information, your visitors would certainly appreciate video tutorials or presentations.

Try to find the way that suits your potential customers the most.

The content must be written in such a way as to attract the reader and keep his attention

Your content must be written legibly – so that it can capture and retain the reader’s attention.

Your content must be interesting to the reader, even if you think about the immortality of the beetle.

The most important for an engaging text is:

  • Write an engaging headline that will captivate the reader.
  • At the beginning of the article, tell the reader what he will find in the text – why he should read it.
  • Keep in mind that the task of each sentence is to get the reader to read the next sentence.

You’ll find a lot of useful information on writing engaging texts in the complete Copywriting guide.

The content must be beneficial to the reader

Whatever text you write for your site, that text must always be beneficial to your readers.

If you want to gain the trust of your reader, or gain authority in the field, show the reader that you know how to help him.

If you are solving a problem, tell him how to solve it. Show him that you have good practices and that you know how to do it.

As I have mentioned several times:

After reading your text, the reader must be enriched with something…

The content must be clear

The content of your website should be clearly organized.

Do everything you can to ensure that the visitor to your website is as oriented as possible. Looking for some information? Think like him and make it as easy as possible for him to find this information.

If you have the most valuable content on your website, but the visitor will not be able to find it quickly and conveniently, they will not read it anyway.

Each subpage of your site, which contains any information, should be easily, logically, naturally and intuitively accessible to a maximum of three clicks.

The content must be written with keywords in mind.

Also keep in mind keywords and phrases when writing texts for your website. That is, keywords and phrases that your target customers enter into the search.

Try to use these keywords and phrases in different variations in the text.

When writing texts, you should have a varied vocabulary and use a variety of possible phrases that you expect your visitors to search on the Internet.

The richer the content of your website, the more visitors will get to your website using various longtail key phrases.

Less is sometimes more

Have you ever read a book and made notes while reading it?

Often when I read an extensive publication and try to capture all the essential ideas somewhere aside, I manage to create five-hundred-page excerpts from a four-hundred-page book.

Many books contain (according to Pareto’s rule) 80 percent of the most important information in 20 percent of the text (plus or minus). So a lot of “sauce” and just a few key ideas.

Sometimes try to write text on your website that contains only the important information and remove the ones that aren’t that important.

This will save your readers a lot of time – you will see that they will appreciate it.

For example, I would be able to easily write this article into at least 5,000 words and easily divide it into several articles (for example, 5 articles of a thousand words) and I would have peace of mind for almost three weeks. But then most people would stop reading these articles.

Therefore, it is often much better to capture the most important thoughts and omit the rest.

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