How To Target Advertising Text

Before you start writing any ad text, you need to answer the following question: who will read your texts?

Each person is unique and each has their own unique ranking of priorities. Something different is important for everyone. Nevertheless, certain groups of people tend to have common interests and requirements. The task of everyone who writes an ad text is to focus on those readers who are the most likely customers (so they belong to the target group of customers).

The copywriter must have enough information about this target group and be able to focus his texts (with the greatest possible efficiency) on these customers. Let’s say how to focus on the right reader when writing lyrics…

3 things you need to know about your customer

Let’s look at the basic characteristics of the target customer, which will make it easier for you to write ad texts (and increase their effectiveness). The characteristics are listed according to importance:

  • Customer priorities
  • Monthly income
  • Customer personality
  • Although the customer’s personality is in the last place, do not underestimate it in any case – it is very important. Under the term

Personality of the customer, let’s imagine his:

  • Age category
  • Sex
  • Family background
  • Education – level of expertise
  • Character traits

Let’s say a few words about each characteristic and why it’s important to the person writing the ad text.

Customer priorities

Everyone has their priorities, their own scale of values. For some it is important to buy as many things as possible at the lowest possible prices, for others it is important to buy things as high quality as possible in order to serve them as long as possible. For someone, it is important that the food they buy is healthy and BIO and the like. Others come to terms with regular products that they buy in action at incredibly low prices.

It’s important for copywriters to know who he’s honored with. Emphasize the benefits he will get when shopping that are most important to him.

I mentioned the customer’s priorities as the most important precisely because even a person with a lower income, if his priority list is set on quality goods that will last a long time, will find a way to save so that he can buy it. Of course, as far as possible, but how many times have you bought something that was not extra practical for you, it was expensive, but you wanted it and bought it?

Focus your ad text on what’s most important to your customer. Everyone has their needs and concerns…

Monthly income

Admittedly, monthly income has a huge impact on a customer’s desire to spend. Sometimes, in your brick-and-mortar store or on your website, try to keep track of who is shopping for you the most. Whether they are people with a higher or lower monthly income.

For which social class is your goods or service intended? If you need to reach low-income customers, you need to offer them some incentive to convince them that they will get what they need at a low price. If, on the other hand, you want to reach a more demanding customer, show them that this product of yours is exceptional and that it will offer them what no other.

Customer personality

As we said a moment ago, we can include the following in the customer’s personality:

  • Age category
  • Sex
  • Family background
  • Education – level of expertise
  • Character traits


Age category

The age category plays an important role in your communication with the customer. You cannot speak the same language for a 22-year-old student as you can for a 45-year-old entrepreneur or a 55-year-old pensioner.

Perceive the needs, desires and concerns of your target group and speak directly to them. While you satisfy the desire of a 22-year-old student with a product that will set him apart from others, you will dazzle a 55-year-old pensioner by getting more for the same money than in another store.


Are your primary customers women, men, or both sexes? It is necessary to evoke different feelings in each. Most women shop more on the basis of emotions, while men tend to be more analytical in nature, and each purchase thinks more and studies comparable products on the market.


A woman must come home and look amazing, she must have perfectly matched colors, a beautiful handbag and jewelry that no one of her friends has… Priority: uniqueness and aesthetics.

A man must bring home what is best in his class and for the best money, with as many and the best options as possible. Priority: usability, options, quality ratio X price.

Of course, everyone is different, but statistically the different approach of men and women to shopping is proven. Respectively the priorities on the basis of which they buy.

Family background

You write advertising texts for families with children, or single mothers come to you to shop. You must have tailor-made text for each such customer. You need to be able to awaken in such a customer a desire to buy your product. This means focusing on the most important needs of such a customer. A single mother will want to buy cheaply what is best for her child, while families with children will consider collective benefits, packages for the whole family at better prices and so on.

Education – level of expertise

Education does not necessarily mean obtaining a university degree or anything like that. If your target customer is an athlete whose hobby is cycling, even though it has nothing to do with school, he will have a good overview of new technologies and different qualities… Such a customer must be provided with specific information and convinced of the quality of the product. On the contrary, the electricity store must be able to offer the customer television, even if she is a single woman who is not interested in the parameters or functions of the television.

Again: speak the language of your customers.

Character traits

There are many other traits that you can target with your ad text. Someone wants to be exceptional and stand out from the crowd. For another, you can use the so-called “herd instinct”, ie “everyone already has it and you must have it too!”. There are people who shop impulsively, others need time to think things through.

In any case, you must be able to reach and engage these customers.

Write texts that will interest your target group. When writing your ad text, think about their families, their children, their hobbies, the contents of their wallets, and give them what they need right now. Think like your customer!

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