How to write a PR article?

“Write a PR article,” the marketing of a large company will give you. How to do it? Writing a quality PR article is not as easy as it seems at first glance. A PR article moves on the edge between advertising and journalism. Both forms in it must be balanced and natural.

The content and the target group play main role

The result of a good PR article should be the purchase or order of a promoted product or service. The author appeals to the reader to order something, to buy it. Before he starts writing, he should realize whether the article is used to promote a new product, overall brand support and awareness, increase sales of the brand’s products… Each time the content will be something else.

The task of promoting a new product is to present and portray the new product or service in the most favorable light. Brand support focuses on its main strengths (tradition, adherence to quality, environmental behavior, social responsibility). It is important to capture the strongest competitive advantages of a brand or product and work with them.

The target group is also important. Otherwise you will present the product to a teenager and otherwise to a mother at the nursery. The place where the article will be published also plays a role, because it should fit perfectly into the overall concept of the website or printed matter.

You need to arouse readers’ interest

The title of the article must attract, the subsequent annotation or perex arouse interest. If this does not happen, the reader will no longer deal with the article. In the following text, it is necessary to arouse the readers’ interest. He is interested in the topic and would like to know more. This is followed by a desire for the product. The reader has already grabbed the claw and the task is to convince him that this is exactly the product he needs.

The conclusion should belong to the call to action, ie purchase or order. Well, at this point, the reader can join a group of people. For example: Men who drive a car well buy motor oil from us. Readers will be flattered that the author considers him an excellent driver and will be more inclined to buy.

And the length of the article? It usually ranges from one to three standard pages (ie 1800-5400 characters), but sometimes it is appropriate to write briefly and some topics deserve to be written in depth. But don’t forget to write in short paragraphs, use bullets, numbers, add pictures and most importantly don’t write roughs!

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