One of the ways to do web design

When you look on the internet, you will see a plethora of sites here. Their graphic quality ranges in various levels from excellent to very poor. Web design is a specific work in which it is important both the knowledge of the computer environment and programs, as well as a certain artistic feeling.

You create a page template

HTML (web authoring language) and CCS (web page description language) are used to create a web page template. The website itself is an HTML file. These are text and tags, ie special tags, which form the source code.

The file is prepared in an HTML editor. When you prepare the file and then open it in one of the commonly used browsers, you will see the final form of the page, as users who move on the Internet used to see it.

The home page of the website is index.html, the total content then consists of other html files. The content of the pages is HTML, a form of CCS. Files with the .ccs extension create the look and are often written directly into Huml files. The Internet browser then handles both and renders them on the screen. This is how the source code looks like the page, you create its template.

You can’t do it without PhotoShop

But if you want to make real graphics so that the website has a truly top level from an artistic point of view, then you need the PhotoShop program to create graphic elements. You will create a graphic design according to the assignment in Photoshop, which you will divide into individual blocks and then put into practice by coding in HTML and CCS, ie you will create the final graphic form of the entire web page.

However, just being a perfect expert on HTML, CCS and Photoshop is not enough, you should have at least a basic artistic imagination. Another factor that determines web design, especially for large companies is CI, or Corporate Identity. For example, a website designer in Photoshop must use only a well-defined font or well-defined color shades.

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