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Searching by images is very useful in many cases. Want to find out if someone has misused your photo or image, which is against privacy and copyright? This way it can be revealed.

Whether you’re looking for the same or a similar picture on the Internet, you can use the following steps (for phones and tablets):

  • Open Chrome on your mobile phone
  • Open
  • Enter a description for the image you are looking for and search
  • Click on the image you want to search


After this step, you have two options, namely:

  • Click on the Google Lens icon
  • Or, hold the image by clicking “Search this image on Google”


Do you have a computer turned on and want to search from this device? The procedure below will apply to you:

  • Open on your Chrome or Safari computer
  • Go to Google Images
  • Click on “Search by image”
  • Next, click on “Upload Image” and then select or browse for files
  • Open the image in a browser


Chrome or Firefox must be used to drag and drop images. Only the fourth step will change in the procedure, ie you will not upload the image, but you will drag the mouse from the file to the search field.

Images can also be searched by URL

There are several ways to search for images. Another option is to search by URL. The whole process starts again by opening the browser, ie Safari or Chrome. It will continue as follows:

  1. Go to the website with the image you want to use
  2. To copy a URL, right-click and click “Copy Image Address”
  3. After copying the address, you will be taken to Google Images
  4. Enter the URL in the “Search by image” text box
  5. And hit “search”

ATTENTION: Searched URLs are not saved in the history.

Search by image from a web page

Another option is to search for an image directly from the website. The procedure will be practically the same as in the case of searching by URL, only the last step will change. In practice, it will look like this:

Open Chrome / Safari

Go to the website with the image you want to use
Right-click on it and say “Search for an image using Google”
The results are then displayed in a new tab in the browser.

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