SEO – The most important statistics you need to keep watching

When you decide to really start using your website, there are certain statistics that you really can’t do without. No matter what way you use to track these statistics, this data is vital to you and your website.

If you use Google Analytics tracking tools, you have everything you need. Of course, these tools are free. Later, I am preparing an article for you, in which we will explain in a simple form how to make the best use of this tool.

What cannot be measured cannot be controlled.

Now let’s see what statistics are most important to you.

Number of visitors – number of unique visits

How elseā€¦ Everyone who runs a website is interested in how many visitors came to their website. Everyone who runs a website strives to maximize the number of visitors to their website.

In this case, it is good to monitor the growth of traffic and its development. If you find that traffic has increased rapidly some day, or at some point, you need to look for the cause and try to reproduce it. A rapid increase in traffic can mean 10 as well as 1,000 new visitors. It depends on how well your site is known and visited.

If you are tracking traffic, track the number of unique visits. A unique visit is a visit that came from a unique computer. When I turn on my browser and turn on a website 10 times, there are ten visits, but only one unique visit. You are interested in how many unique visitors came to your website.

Where visitors come from

Every traffic tracking tool should also be able to tell you where a visitor came to your site.

Visitors coming from search engines such as Google or List are referred to as organic traffic. However, for each visit, you should see exactly where they came from. Due to the fact that these pages are still relatively new, the majority of visitors come either:

Direct – the visitor enters the website address into the address bar in their web browser.
Through Facebook – every time an article is published on this site, I share it on my Facebook profile. Anyone who clicks on the link is redirected to the post page.
Over time, most visitors should come organically, ie from search engines.

It is very important on your website what is the main source of traffic to your website. If you see that visitors come almost (or very little) from search engines (that is, organically), you need to work on optimizing your website.

If the main source of your visits is a social network, you should work to expand the community on that social network. You know that people are watching you there and that they are interested in what you want to tell them – take advantage of it.

If you have paid advertising on some other sites, it’s important to you that visitors come to your site from this paid form of advertising. Remember – when you pay for an ad, it has to pay off. And to know if an ad is worthwhile or not, you need to watch it.

The number of people who signed up for the email list

Do you use an e-mail service? Email marketing is considered one of the most effective forms of communication with potential customers.

In this case, it’s important for you to track the number of users who sign up for your email campaign. And if they log in, if they really open your e-mails, or if they just delete them.

Each email service offers its own ways to track your own email campaigns. I use Smart Emailing and the user interface offers me statistics of increasing users, to what extent these users actually open e-mails, if they log out and so on.

If your email service doesn’t offer such statistics, you can use the “goals” tracking option directly in Google Analytics. Here you define a page that is perceived as a destination – for example, a website to which users are redirected after subscribing to e-mails. Google Analytics tells you how many times this particular page has been reached.

Number of sales

As well as the number of people who have signed up for your email list, you also need to track the number of sales that have been made to your website. If you sell some products directly on the Internet, it’s easy. Just watch how the products are sold through the website.

If you only have a brick-and-mortar store, you need to mature the visitors of your website in some way so that you know in the store that this customer came to you thanks to the website. For example, you can offer customers some kind of discount or gift when they tell you at the store that they found out about you on the Internet.

If you only have a brick-and-mortar store, it is important to find out the effectiveness of the website and whether they really bring customers to your store.

Long-term income from the customer

For each customer who buys from you in any way, it is necessary to find out whether the customer returns to you and whether he continues to shop with you.

In the case of an e-shop, this is not a problem – the visitor usually has to go through registration and you can track the customer’s orders as you wish. The problem occurs in the case of stone shops. However, there are also options for monitoring whether customers shop with you repeatedly (for example, a loyalty program, discounts on further purchases, etc.).

A customer who has already bought from you is more inclined to buy from you the next time (if he was satisfied with the purchase from you). Try to make the most of it.

Revenue / expenditure

If you have enough data, you can easily calculate how much it costs you to traffic and work on the website and what benefits your website has for your business. Don’t let your website on the internet “die”.

Websites are a relatively inexpensive way of promotion and you can achieve really high efficiency with them.

So we should list the most important and important statistics that need to be monitored if you want to really get the most out of your website. Monitor, analyze and adapt

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