Social Networks – One Lie, One Truth, One Danger and One Great Opportunity

Social networks have been a very popular topic for quite some time. A few years ago, when the world was dominated by Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others, these networks were able to tie many users to the screens.

Social networks were able to connect friends, family, acquaintances, classmates and co-workers. No matter which of them was in the world. In this way, they were even able to gain users who have not yet shown interest in the Internet.

When large companies, marketing specialists, medium-sized companies and small entrepreneurs saw how many people spend their free time on these social networks every day, of course they wanted to “grab” something for themselves.

And so marketing on social networks was born

However, marketing on social networks is exceptional in some respects, and in other respects it is based on indestructible principles that have been known to mankind for hundreds of years.

Nevertheless, there is a growing awareness that social networks are a kind of “black box” that can increase profits from “nothing”, bring in new customers and simply put – make such a small miracle in your business.

Social networks are a magical tool that can miraculously bring a lot of new customers



As social networks began to take root, the impact on end customers was much more noticeable than it is today. It is a simple law of evolution. In a way, the human body (consumers) has built up defensive cells against advertising on social networks.

Imagine that there are no billboards and suddenly 5 appear in the city. The efficiency will be much greater than if there are hundreds of them around the city. It’s the same with advertising on social networks.

Social networks cannot bring buyers to you by waving a wand. As with everything else, you need to sacrifice your time, effort and stand out from the competition to social media marketing.

Social networks are spreading information at an incredible speed



Whenever I decide to write something on a profile on my social network, it can be read immediately by everyone who is friends with me, who is following me and so on. And it doesn’t matter if they are two kilometers or a thousand kilometers away from me.

If I want to brag or complain, I will submit it to everyone by writing information on my profile. In addition, they can share my message even further with others that I do not know at all.

In the end, information can spread at an exponential rate, an unprecedented phenomenon brought about by these social networks.

Social networks are not one-sided advertising, social networks are about communication

It can be a threat in certain situations.

Communicating between people on social networks can greatly affect your prosperity.


I will buy an expensive product that will not be in order and the seller will not talk to me at all, they will not handle my complaint and my money will be thrown out of the window.

What will I do? I will write on Facebook (eg 200 friends), on Twitter (say 100 followers) and of course I will also mention my friends over coffee or at lunch (to illustrate another 10 people).

One dissatisfied customer was able to immediately inform approximately 310 people about how shocking the seller was. Of course, as a good consumer, I will color everything.

There is a good chance that if someone in the circle of my acquaintances / friends / family decides on this or a competing seller, in most cases they will prefer the competition.

Social networks CAN bring in new customers



If your products are really high quality and customers are satisfied with them, then social networks are your friend and can also be an invaluable ally.

As in the previous, negative case – if the customer is satisfied and has the opportunity to recommend you or your product to someone, they will do it. Not to help you (although such people can be found today, but it’s more of an endangered species), but simply because he will be the “dude” who helped solve the problem.

The basic building block of marketing on social networks

If you want to succeed in social media marketing, you need to build this promotion on the basic pillar more than anywhere else, and that is a satisfied customer.

If your product is great, fulfills its purpose and customers are satisfied with it, then investing in social media marketing will bring you positive results.

If this basic pillar is, as they say, crippled, then social networks can do more harm than good.

Check out our next article. 6 Rules for successful marketing on social networks, stay with us.

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