The classic question, is SEO dead?

Are you a guest house, restaurant, masseuse, eshop? What do these companies, sole trader or e-shop have in common? Everyone would definitely like to earn enough to be satisfied and not have to have half-empty rooms, because it is a problem to pay for energy, cleaners, receptionist. The half-empty restaurant will please only the chef, but the waiter does not earn a tip and the owner has to pay wages and rent. E-shops need to increase turnover and profitability.

Why should SEO help them?

SEO means search engine optimization of a website. The goal is to improve your display position on so that your website is in a better position after a search query (keyword). We live in the 21st century and people search for practically everything on the Internet. SEO is just a part of marketing, how people who are looking for your service, product or information, literally attract to your website, thus becoming a visitor. Yes, not every visitor will be a customer who orders or buys something, but the more visitors you have, the more successful you will be.

Who would want to be on page 6 in the search?

The question is as simple as its answer. If someone is looking for a restaurant in Havířov and simply does not find your website anywhere and you will rely on the fact that you are so good that people talk about you far and wide, you have a big advertising banner, send leaflets to newspapers or try to attract them on Facebook or pay banner advertising or expensive advertising campaign. SEO, ie website optimization, is a long way to go, because convincing a search engine that your website or e-shop is better than others, you will not achieve this in a week. The first results of honest SEO usually appear after 3 months.

Back to the question, is SEO dead?

As long as people still search the Internet for information, services, buy products, they will still use the search engine. Or do you feel that Google people will stop using Google? More and more people are interested in natural search results. SEO is just the part of the puzzle that needs to be slowly put together as a puzzle, which includes other marketing tools from PPC advertising to e-mailing.

So what to do with it?

I recommend first informing enough on the Internet, yes, use a search engine and search for terms such as “SEO” and “website optimization”. Don’t rush, give it time. The Internet is full of information to provide you with enough information to know what SEO entails after how to control the results.

How many chess pieces do you want to use in the competition?
is seo dead?

Imagine yourself as a player for white pieces and your competition as dark pieces. The individual figures represent the individual marketing tools. Do you want to compete only with infantry or only with towers? Get to know your competition, analyze the environment on the Internet. There is no limit to the number of pieces or the standard size of the playing field. Preparation is half the battle. It is not enough to read the SEO dictionary, you need to understand and know what works and how SEO should actually be done.

So what to do with it?

If you are ready, you can try contacting the first SEO specialty, me. If you have studied enough information, then you will definitely not write me “Hello, I want SEO for my website, please more information and price”. Write me enough information to understand who you are and what you want.

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