What is Ahrefs?

Backlinks are crucial to building a successful website. A great tool will help with their analysis, which also has the task of analyzing the competition and the content of the site. This is Ahrefs – a tool that can also get keyword ideas. This tool is available at: https://ahrefs.com/

While Ahrefs is a useful but paid tool, there are features it offers for free. These include the Backlink Checker, which aims to analyze backlinks. You can also try the Broken Link Checker function for free, which in turn will be used to analyze broken links on the site. Or the Website Authority Checker, which checks or ascertains the authority of the analyzed domain.

The benefits of a popular SEO tool

The main advantages include an intuitive environment. This again confirms to us that it is not necessary to speak English at the level of a native speaker. The application is very fast and almost error-free, there are a large number of supported analyzes available. Thanks to that, we are talking about one of the most practical usable helpers in SEO.

Basic functions of Ahrefs

Analyzes any page (domain or URL) and displays performance metrics.
Gets keywords, phrases and questions from a source of your choice.
It helps you get a basic overview of your website (find out if you’re missing meta headlines, captions, content, or the right headlines).
And more.

Personal opinion on Ahrefs

As an SEO specialist, I use a number of SEO tools such as Collabim, Majestic, Xenu, Screaming Frog, Marketing Miner and many others, but Ahrefs is one of the tools I use on a daily basis. Who has not tried Content Gap or link profile analysis, as if he was not an SEO specialist. Why link profile analysis? When I need to find out the current state of an optimized website, I need to know the current link profile, what its reserves are. Furthermore, I want to be inspired by more successful competing websites to find a suitable link opportunity of the highest quality, etc. And that is just one of the mentioned functions.

I used to use Majestic more then, then both tools at the same time and now the Ahrefs function has completely replaced Majestic and I just have to pay for one tool – Ahrefs in the standard license. The price of such a tariff is $ 179 / month. I don’t advertise, but the Ahrefs features make my job a lot easier, and in some ways some features can’t be reasonably replaced.

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