What is Copywriting?

If you have your own website, or you want to set it up and you are looking for various services that offer the creation of a quality website. But what is copywriting? Any foreign name for something to get more money out of you?

That’s why this series of articles on copywriting will explain everything to you. In this first part, we’ll look at what copywriting is, what it is for, and how it can help your business and business.

Does copywriting only apply to the Internet and websites? In any case! You can see the art of copywriting anywhere in advertising, product promotion, billboards, flyers, but also on signs and billboards inside various stone shops.

Copywriting is both an art and a skill. It is an activity that works with words to make an offer of any product or service in such a way that the offer best addresses potential customers.

Copywriting is basically writing advertising texts, the texts that sell. With the help of copywriting, we try to reach customers in such a way as to evoke in them a desire to buy a product or service (or to force them to perform another action that is important to us).

What is the goal of a copywriter?

His main goal is to use the text:

  • engage the reader
  • make a positive impression on it
  • get him to take some action

For example, performing an action may mean that the reader:

  • click on a link, banner, ad…
  • visit the website
  • sign up for emails
  • remember product / brand
  • buy immediately (for example in the case of an e-shop)
  • etc…

What do you need to be able to write quality ad text? The most important thing is one thing from which everything else is based. The most important thing for the lyricist is the knowledge of potential customers, ie your target group. We have already said something about this issue in the article Who is your target customer ?. Therefore, if the term target customer or target group is foreign to you, I recommend reading the article first.

With the help of copywriting, we try to speak the language of our target group. So that we can attract our potential customer and get him to take some action. We try to achieve this with appropriately chosen words, phrases, sentences and clauses so as to evoke in our reader the desired feeling / impression / need / taste / interest, etc.

Copywriting is the activity that revolves most around constantly writing different texts, comparing, observing and analyzing feedback. Feedback is very important in this activity. Without feedback, you will never know if the text really had the desired effect, or if otherwise written text would not be better…

If possible, it is also very good to perform A / B testing. We’ll cover this topic later, just to give you an idea – A / B testing means testing, for example, two ad texts by presenting one type of text to half of the visitors / customers / clients and the other type of text to the other half and watching which of the testers had larger success. A / B testing is performed very often on the Internet, because in the case of websites it is not a problem for half of the visitors to submit one website and the other half for another website. But as I said, we will address this issue in detail in one of the later articles.

An important ability of a copywriter is to take on the role of a target customer and be able to write such an advertising text / slogan / title / article / offer / brochure and the like to address this customer.

How can copywriting help you and your business?

If you master the art of copywriting, you will be able to write more engaging advertising texts for your business, whether it is text in a shop window, on a flyer, on your website, or just a slogan on a business card.

Good text can greatly affect the success of any advertising campaign, both online and offline (ie on and off the Internet).

At the same time, you will be able to write much better articles for your website, or perhaps when creating backlinks. If you write a quality PR article, or an article for a blog, this one can interest readers so much that they will want to know more about you and perhaps become your customers.

Where can you see copywriting in action?

Although you may not even realize it, you are the target of lyricists every day, whenever you enter a store, drive to work, or walk down the street.

For example, in any food chain, you are subconsciously bombarded with advertising signs, slogans and trailers for various events and discounts.

If you drive to work, you can see billboards with high-quality texts that have put a lot of work (and often cost a lot of money) to a variety of copywriters.

Trailers for movies in cinemas, commercials on television, but also headlines in newspapers and magazines (especially on front pages) are written in such a way as to really make you buy a product or arouse your curiosity.

The biggest marketing miracle is teleshopping. Even if you know that the goods in each teleshopping are comparable to another (mostly) commonly available in a regular store. Although much more expensive, the companies that run these sales still operate and prosper. Every teleshopping spot is created by a true magician in the world of marketing and copywriting. People still buy and order these expensive products.

If you are interested in copywriting, start by looking at these different advertising issues from the perspective of the operator, not the customer. See what phrases, slogans and addresses they use…

I think you have an idea of ​​what copywriting is.  I wish everyone a relaxing, peaceful and sunny weekend!


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