What is UX design?

You’ve probably heard the term: UX design. It is an abbreviation for User eXperience design, which deals with the relationship between the user and the product. It can be various products, such as specific stone shops or websites, services, goods. It is actually a design focused on a specific user experience.

Focus on the end user

In the game, the UX design is primarily the user and his specific experience associated with the product. The task of UX design is to prepare a solution so that the user’s experience with the selected product or service is as pleasant as possible.

The focus is on the user and his needs, everything is based on them. Therefore, possible user restrictions must be taken into account, both in the area of ​​perception and in the physical sphere. The first thing is to understand the end user and his needs and to adapt the product and everything related to it.

For example, the website in which the product is offered, as well as the e-shop where you can buy it, a newsletter with news related to it, a brochure describing its function, the packaging in which it is hidden, but also the method of distribution to the user. Everything must be understandable, friendly.

The designer must have empathy

The main thing in UX design is to create a positive relationship between the product, service and its end user. To do this, it has a whole range of tools at its disposal, from websites to online marketing, to various forms of advertising.

A significant level of empathy, the ability to empathize with the end users of the product, their wishes and needs is essential for a UX designer. Using various tools, the UX designer has to create user satisfaction with the product.

This means that the form of the advertisement should be such that the target group, including a specific individual, can identify with it. She took her for granted, trusted her. Therefore, the UX designer should master not only graphic design, but also sociology, psychology, in order to be able to predict the reaction of users to various stimuli.

Who wouldn’t want to increase the efficiency of a website or e-shop, which is literally dependent on the number of orders and the difference is whether you need 100 visits per order or only 80. In marketing, you will appreciate such savings with gold.

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