Who is the ideal SEO specialist?

This is a question for a million and we can compare it to the search for the ideal of beauty. Everyone likes something different, but business is not just about looking good, it’s really about money. Therefore, trying to find a suitable SEO specialist is a problem for many companies.

Why is it a problem to find the ideal SEO specialist?

First of all, it is necessary to mention that companies, often senior managers or the owners themselves, do not have enough knowledge in the field of SEO to correctly identify a suitable SEO specialist who can help a particular company. We can usually verify whether the website is optimized correctly after about 3 months, and the best feedback is good communication, regular reporting that can explain, advise and communicate enough recommendations.

What should an SEO specialist report to a client?

Here it is very individual, because the requirements of the client and the style of the SEO specialist, who usually knows well what he should include in the regular monthly report from keyword positions, comparative statistics from organic, list of obtained backlinks, published PR articles to content recommendations and strategic perspectives for the next period. There is no bad overview, only better and worse, but even so, the client can be satisfied with less information and more work than a lot of information and less work. If an SEO specialist still communicates with you, sends recommendations, analyzes and assigns tasks to others, then you have usually come across a typical SEO consultant. Some may be more comfortable than an SEO specialist, but it’s just about expectations and agreement.

What is the difference between an SEO specialist and an SEO consultant?

In short, an SEO specialist really optimizes a website because it has a copywriter on hand and takes care of keyword analysis, through content creation, link building to reporting. So he works more and is usually agreed on a monthly lump sum, for which he does his work.

The SEO consultant spends more time analyzing, which is a manual for him and the client on where the website optimization will go. He will design a suitable strategy, do a keyword analysis, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, analyze the competition, look at the technical side of the website, find errors, write UX recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the website and consult everything with the client. An SEO consultant often has his assistant on hand.

These are not textbook definitions of the difference between an SEO specialist and an SEO consultant, because these are such synonyms and the difference is really minimal, that the SEO specialist is actually a consultant and the consultant is a specialist.

The specialist (consultant) attends training regularly, meets other experts, reads professional SEO blogs, SEO discussions, websites, is a member of a number of Facebook marketing groups and has a lot of experience based on extensive experience from various projects.

What else can an SEO specialist do?

An SEO specialist usually has an overlap in the field of PPC advertising, copywriting and other related fields of online marketing. He will often advise you on Facebook advertising or newsletters, because he works with experts and knows where clients often make mistakes and can point in the right direction.

But beware of SEO specialists who have the field of SEO only as extra income. Example of a carpenter, cook, teacher, student, etc. Because the field of “SEO” is really very demanding and requires 100% concentration if you want to be a real professional. It’s like trying to be a professional athlete in the full time job of a bus driver. I’m not saying it’s incompatible, but the overlaps in the Internet will certainly help more.

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