Wondering how to get higher positions in search results? Not sure what exactly visitors do to your site? Why is your competition still better than you? What do you actually have to do next? Be honest with yourself when was the last time you checked in analytics that everything was working properly? That you are targeting the right keywords in your site content, or that your website is in line with current SEO rankings?

A professional SEO audit will focus on checking all key SEO factors. We will help you reveal both the technical shortcomings of the website from the point of view of search engines and obstacles in the usability of the website for real visitors. And don’t worry, we try to formulate the results of the SEO audit so that they are not too technical, so that even a regular website owner understands what the essence of the problem is or how to proceed in online marketing. You will not only get specific information about errors and shortcomings, but also recommendations for the next direction of work and development from the perspective of online marketing.

As a result, you can not only get more website traffic, but most importantly, you can gain more potential customers and support demand or sales. We offer SEO audit for websites and e-shops in the field of B2C and B2B focus. Contact us, we will be happy to explain everything to you.



High Technical Complexity

  • Market Research
  • Keywords Research
  • On Page SEO Check
  • Backlinks Check
  • Competitor Research
  • Longterm strategy plan

We will check the technical condition of the website, find obstacles for search engines, check the On-page and Off-page factors and give you a report on the overall condition of the website, as well as suggestions on how to solve the given problems.


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